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The Branch Gathering Place + Coffee House was founded by All for One Ministries (A41, Inc.) in 2021 to change lives in our community … one cup and one heart at a time. As a division of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry organization, The Branch invests its net assets back into causes in the community that align with its mission through a strategic grantmaking process.

Application Deadline: April 30, 2024

Grants Awarded: 2

Sabbatical Grant Budget: $1,000

Maximum Amount Per Grant: $500

All for One Ministries recognizes the vital role that pastors play in shepherding their congregations and the often demanding nature of their responsibilities. In alignment with our commitment to supporting pastoral wellness and excellence in ministry, we are pleased to offer two Pastor Sabbatical Trips annually. These sabbaticals are designed to provide pastors with a restorative and inspirational experience, allowing them the opportunity to rest, reflect, and renew their spiritual and emotional reserves.

Grant Eligibility:

  • Type of Organization: Grants will be awarded to Christian churches, paid directly to the church.

  • Geographic Area: Grants will be awarded to churches located in Decatur County or churches with a high concentration of Decatur County residents.

  • Use of Funds: All funds granted to the church must be used for time away for the pastor and his family. Funds may not be used for any other church purpose.

  • Statement of Faith: Grant recipients must pastor churches that have significant alignment with All for One Ministries' Statement of Faith.

  • Follow Up: The Pastor must submit a follow-up report to All for One Ministries within one month of his trip.


Details of the Sabbatical Trip:

  • Each selected pastor will receive an all-expenses-paid sabbatical trip to a destination of their choice, within a predetermined budget.

  • During the sabbatical, pastors must have the opportunity to engage in activities that promote rest, relaxation, spiritual renewal, and personal reflection.

  • All for One Ministries will work closely with the selected pastors to ensure that their sabbatical experiences meet their individual needs and preferences.

Nomination Process:

  • Congregants are invited to nominate their pastors by completing the online nomination form below.

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